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Murder Mystery Dinner
Saturday 19th October 2013

You have decided to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner, so what is going to happen? You must expect the unexpected Ė someone is going to die. It will be your job to assist the police with their enquiries and to help discover who the murderer is.

You should be on your guard from the moment you arrive; actors will be there to greet you and will introduce themselves and other characters in the plot. Stay alert, listen to what they say and in particular, take every opportunity to ask them questions from the start.

Although a murder will take place, there will be no body; we donít like to take things too far! The body will be taken care of by the police and the information they will give you regarding the murder scene will be accurate.

The police will explain the proceedings to you on the night. You will be advised to work in teams; the size of your party will depend on how big your teams are. Remember, you all have to agree on the final decision, so a small team may work better than a large one. Donít worry though, if you cannot agree, you can always submit your own accusation sheet.

You will not forgo your meal; the murder enquiry will carry on throughout the dinner. The suspects will be available for questioning throughout the evening. You must review the evidence provided and question the suspects thoroughly in order to establish the whys and the wherefores. The suspects may have justification or an alibi. Itís up to you to decide whether they are telling the truth.

Before you make your final accusation as to who the murderer is, the suspects will line up for final questioning. You will have a chance to ask questions you have been unable to ask throughout the evening. Be careful though, the suspects may bend the truth, even if they are not a murderer, they may have something to hide. It is up to you to decide who has the best motive for committing murder.

The rules:

* Should there be more than one correct submission, the means, motive and method will be taken into consideration.

* In the event of a tie the proprietor will randomly select a winner.

* If the murderer evades detection, the closest means and method will be taken into consideration.

Enjoy your evening, stay alert, listen to the actors and watch them carefully. Are they having illicit affairs? Were they present all evening? The smallest clue is sometimes the most important.

Website: www.mcabra.co.uk

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