Hunstanton Hall

Nestled in the village of Old Hunstanton, past St. Marys church you can find Hunstanton Hall, home of the Le Strange family for centuries. Hunstanton Hall is a magnificent building with gothic battlements, surrounded by moats and an orchard.

Hunstanton Hall also holds a secret. For many years the hall was filled with all kinds of treasures, collected through hundreds of years of ownership. Included within these was a beautiful Persian carpet which was presented to the family in the mid-eighteenth century. The story goes that this carpet was most loved by Dame Armine Le Strange who was the lady of the manor for a time.

As she lay on her deathbed in 1768 she made her son Nicholas promise to keep the carpet within the family possession and in Hunstanton Hall, and that she would watch over it from her vantage point beyond the grave, if he was to break his promise she would return with ghostly wrath.

Almost 100 years later a new American mistress, Emmeline, married Hamon Le Strange, and she was keen to make her presence known by renovating the hall. Happening across a dirty old carpet, she had it cut up and distributed it to the poor of Hunstanton.

On her return from her philanthropic trip she noticed a face in one of the upstairs windows, a grey lady, older and full of anger. Unmistakably a Le Strange family member. That night there were footsteps pacing outside her bedroom door, upon investigation there was no one there.

Later, Emmeline came across a family portrait of Armine and immediately recognised her as the face in the window, her husband told her of the family legend regarding the carpet. Hastily Emmeline retrieved all the pieces of carpet and had them sewn together, but it was too late. The ghost of Dame Armine can still be seen wandering the hall today.

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