We’re still here, we’re just not open….

Don’t worry, we’re still here……our 2020 story and why we’re closing temporarily.

It’s with great sadness that we have made the difficult decision to remain closed until the end of January 2021. If you’d like to know why then keep reading………

Well, it’s certainly been a year like no other. We started 2020 off on an absolute high with a fabulous New Year’s Eve party followed by a wedding that was very close to our hearts – the wedding of Jody (assistant manager) and Matthew (ex-Caley Hall employee). Needless to say, it was a perfect wedding (as are all weddings at Caley Hall) and a great start to the New Year.

Valentine’s Day and half term came and went as usual and the year was going well. But then came March, when the reality of COVID-19 really started to kick in.

March should have been an exciting month for us with the unveiling of our newly refurbished Luxury Rooms but instead we were all comparing it to the Titanic……

The sheets had never been slept in,

The toilets had never been used,

H1 was called ‘The Room of Dreams’

There was fear that these beautiful rooms would never get used.

The cancellations started flowing in and the halls became quieter once again. Nobody could have predicted what was about to happen. Then on the 23rd March Boris announced the national lockdown and the doors to Caley Hall were closed. The last few days left an eery silence that we’ll never forget. Nobody knew what lied ahead, we didn’t know if we’d ever open again, the uncertainty of it all was a huge stress but as we all learned more about the situation and with help from the government everything became slightly clearer and the path to re-opening was in sight.

Then on 4th July we-opened once again and wow, what a summer we had. Our busiest summer on record by far! With the majority of people holidaying in the UK, North Norfolk proved to be a popular destination and we were fully booked every day. The governments Eat Out to Help Out was a massive success for us and meant that August was truly heaving. Our staff were fantastic and took on board all the new safety measures and we received many compliments on how Covid friendly we are!

September and October continued to amaze us with many people still taking staycations rather than going abroad but by October half term the number of COVID-19 cases were high again and we all began talking about a second lockdown. Would it happen? no of course not and then out of the blue we’re back in lockdown by November and the doors are closed once more. We had planned to re-open on Wednesday 2nd December but with the tiered system back in place and such tight restrictions for almost the whole country, particularly many of our surrounding counties, we feel that it will be more beneficial for everyone to remain closed.

By remaining closed we hope we can contribute towards helping stop the spread on COVID-19 and keep our staff and guests safe. As many of you may know Caley Hall always closes for Christmas (one of the ‘perks of the job’) and has only opened in January for the last few years. Previous to this we closed just before Christmas and re-opened at the very end of January. Staff took their annual leave and many maintenance projects were undertaken during this time. Each year we’ve seen more and more visitors during January, particularly those with four legged friends and those taking advantage of our great offers but we’re no stranger to a January closure so please don’t worry, we’re not in trouble, we’ll certainly be back to welcome you all to Caley Hall in 2021.

See you soon!