The Caley Mail - May

Published 1st May 2017

The Caley Mail


Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you….



The first quarter of the year gone and I’m positive it goes quicker every year!! By now all last remnants of a New Year’s resolution has been forgotten and best intentions lost but next year it will be a different story…


Bank holidays are being squeezed in at every possible opportunity and school holidays descend upon more frequently making roads busier, coastlines more desirable and parent’s skinter – there is always the option of entertaining the children without spending money as my folks always told me but unfortunately the days of leaving the little ones alone with a box of matches and the kitchen knives are long behind us, thanks Health & safety regulations!!


We will be hosting our 2nd Annual RNLI charity day on Thursday 11th May starting with a Coffee morning 10am-12pm featuring our staff bake off which always brings out the competitive edge in our own Mary Berry’s within the team. This will be followed by our quiz night starting at 7.30pm with our meal deal included at only £12 per person, book early and join in a great night’s entertainment.


The 4th May is the most eagerly anticipated day of the year for a worrying number of Sci-fi fans who claim it to be their special day and rush off to conventions dressed as Princess Leia in her gold bikini, a Stormtrooper looking dashing in white, Darth Vader all intimidating in black or perhaps Jabba the Hutt all, for want of a better description green and obese.

Earlier this year I mentioned the outrage I caused in confusing birdwatchers & twitchers* well it is also worth noting that Star Wars fans are not to be mistaken for Star Trek fans – there are hugely important and very distinct differences between the two which I would reiterate on but unfortunately I used to actually go outside and play when I was younger so genuinely don’t have a clue. I know I could ask someone but with the attention span of a gnat I find it unlikely I would leave the conversation any wiser.


*A sub note for all our Birdwatching guests, we are currently offering accommodation discounts in this month’s Birdwatching magazine.


It is also worth noting that May is National Walking Month for those who already walk as much as possible then you win already but for those who lack the motivation like me maybe you could ask your partners to help, I did and my wife has made a real effort this year. The remote control has vanished for the TV forcing me to stand to change the channels or suffer a "soaperdose”, the chocolate and biscuits are in a shed at the bottom of the garden which is win-win either way, if I want one I have to walk all the way to get it and if I can’t be bothered to do that then I’m not eating them at all.

Her real masterstroke though has been hiding my car keys & offering to drive me into work every day. Walking 20 miles a day seems like the safest bet!!!


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