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Published 8th June 2017

The Caley Mail


Here comes the sun (doo be doo doo)….





**Pre waffle warning** This was written during the last week of May and it is glorious sunshine and heat - if this has given way to more traditional British weather by the time this Blog is published I am in no way responsible.


And so we see out the first half of 2017 and prepare for the summer months. We leave May behind with fond memories of two successful bank holiday weekends and a hugely rewarding sum of almost £900 raised for the RNLI after our coffee morning and quiz night. The whole day was enjoyable and the fact that so many of the local crew came down to support us supporting them was a wonderful feeling so thank you to everyone who came along.


As the temperature cranks up a notch and holidays start looming we have little time to reflect however and start focusing on the chaos lumbering over the hill towards us - the summer crowds!!


Young, old, families, bikers, classic car enthusiasts, dog lovers, even ice cream connoisseurs head en-mass to our lovely little seaside town and you know what, we welcome them gladly with open arms and friendly smiles. The mix of visitors from all walks of life bring an exciting carnival like quality to the town which remains long after everyone has packed up and headed home….along with rubbish of course.


If I was so inclined I would almost be tempted to start a stereotype bingo game ready for this period of the year. I could sell strips on the sea front and see who can spot some of the more traditional sights you expect to see at the seaside:


The young boys driving their cars up & down with their "music” on full blast hollering at the young girls who catch their eye. (This is the image they set off with anyway, however the nose to nose traffic normally leads to a rather uneventful 2 hours in the car park before leaving in case they run out of petrol.)


The lovely older couple sat on the bench looking over the ocean eating their fish & chips and drawing people’s attention with their evergreen love for each other. (At this point I normally imagine the old man’s wife at home pruning the bushes completely unaware but that’s just my sceptical outlook on life)


The string vest clad dad along with his "bae” and seven children who are all running circles around the green whilst he supervises from his perch at the bar congratulating himself on being a true family man. (I say this not with negative connotations but instead through green tinted glasses knowing the whole time that I would never get away with such a thing).


Ultimately the majority will be left with the same bright white tan lines surrounded by an angry red which remain as scars of a beautiful few days at the beach.


Whilst you’re here come and see us for lunch or dinner or why not pop in and have tea & scones on the patio. We look forward to welcoming you.


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