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Published 1st March 2017

The Caley Mail


She said, that aint the way to have fun, sonÖ



There we go, that wasnít too bad was it, January & February have slipped by for another year and the days are almost longer and the nights will soon be warmer.


Doris popped past to say hello and left a bus overturned, numerous fence panels flattened and trees spread across roads, all in all she seemed to be pretty annoyed about something. Maybe Fred had forgotten to take the bins out?


We had a busy Valentineís day and yet no-one dropped down to their knees to mark the momentous occasion which is always a bit disappointing.


We also had our Macmillan quiz evening where we raised £111.74 and yet no-one dropped to their knees to mark the momentous occasion which is, to be frank, probably for the best. Would have just been awkward truth be told.


So what does March hold in store for us? Spring is on the horizon, the trees will blossom, the animals will start popping out of their winter beds & of course we will have our first genuine reason of the year to drink far too much. The night that we all claim to have an Irish grandparent/Auntie/Uncle or just visited there six years ago for a forgotten weekend. Regardless of the reason it is without doubt that St Patricks day is always an enjoyable occasion and this year it falls on a Friday Ė has there ever been a more perfect combination? However, please remember, mid-Guinness, to give a tip of your hat to St David whose day would have unfairly passed without the same fanfare on the 1st of the month.


As Iím sure you are all aware Mothering Sunday is on the 26th March and as always we strongly recommend booking early to make sure you are able to come and treat your mum to a fantastic Sunday roast here at Caley Hall. Also on this day life serves another remember that it giveth with one hand yet also takes with the other for on this day all the gifts, chocolates, wine & roses will not compensate for that lost hours sleep becauseÖ.


At 2am on Monday 27th March the clocks will go forward as we enter British summer time. This used to be a time of great annoyance as we had to walk all around the house changing every clock individually by hand however thanks to advances in technology most things automatically change themselves but Iím sure I canít be the only one who has to check the time from the news on the TV or radio before I can fully trust its worked.


REMEMBER - Beware the Ides of March, Iíve yet to be gotten but even after 36 years I refuse to get cocky & caught out - stay vigilant & stay safe.



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